Well, here we are approaching the recital!!!  (and oops, have I dropped the ball with blogging often!  Hoping to blog more often in the future!!)

There are lots of fun and exciting things happening at this time of the year as we prepare for the recital and the end of our dance season.  Here are some things to be aware of….if you’re not sure, ask us!!

  1. Which recital(s) your dancers are in.
  2. What your dancers’ dance numbers are.
  3. Picking up your opening/closing props: flag, bandana, shirt
  4. If your dancer is in both Saturday shows, we recommend that you stay at the school with your dancer.  There is not a lot of time, and leaving the school could be more stressful for you and your dancer.  Plan a picnic!  If the weather is nice, spend time eating your packed dinner outside.  You can always use the cafeteria too!  (The auditorium will be closed between the shows.)
  5. The dress rehearsal is on THURSDAY, June 9!
  6. Hair is best if it is all the way up – bun, ponytail, braid.  If your dancer is in a pointe,  performance, or competition class, her hair must be in a bun.
  7. There are quite a few dancers with fast changes, make sure she is aware of them!
  8. Remind your dancer to have FUN!
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