Here is a step by step tutorial to help you sew your ribbon and elastic on your new pointe shoes!

how-to-sew-pointe-shoe-ribbons-and-elastic_00021. Label your shoes with an “L” and an “R” so that you use the same on each time you wear them.  Eventually they will mold to your feet.

2. Cut the ribbon into 4 equal pieces and cut the elastic into 2 even pieces.


3. Fold the back of the shoe like shown above, to create a “W” shape.


4. Place the elastic or ribbon at the base of the fold to sew.  (Some people prefer to sew the elastic closer to the back of the shoe.  Some prefer to sew the ribbons closer to the back.  We recommend the elastic to be sown to the back of the shoe (as pictured in our finished product pictures).



5. Sew on the 4 ribbons like shown above (you can have as much excess in the shoe as you want).  Be sure to sew under the shoe’s elastic pull, so that you can still pull the drawstring that is attached to the shoe.  Make sure that the shiny side of the ribbon is on the outside of the shoe.


6. Sew the thick elastic band the way you would for a ballet shoe.  Make sure to try on the shoe and mark the elastic so you know how loose/tight to make it.

how-to-sew-pointe-shoe-ribbons-and-elastic_0008 how-to-sew-pointe-shoe-ribbons-and-elastic_0009

7. If you are a NEW pointe student, DO NOT go up on pointe until you have shown your sewn shoes to your teacher!  We do not want you to hurt yourself!!  You need to learn the proper ways of working in the shoe.


8.  Have fun!

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  • Tess

    What kind of pointe shoes are in the picture?

    • Heather Rosenberg

      They are Capezio shoes, but I am not certain which style #.

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