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As we get back to school, there may be some nervous dancers out there as they get ready for their first day of dance (whether it be there very first day ever, or first day of the new dance season).  Here are some fun tips on how to help get rid of first day jitters!

  1. Remember to HAVE FUN!
  2. Talk to other moms/dancers before class starts!  This is a great way to start new friendships and ease some nervous energy.
  3. We will teach/remind the dancers everything they will need….there are no tests to be nervous about in dance with us!
  4. For jittery moms: You made a wonderful decision in registering your child for dance.  It will give him/her so much: increased self-esteem, friendships, exercise, grace, poise, and happiness (to name a few!)
  5. If your dancer is new to dance or a classroom setting, it may take some time for them to warm up..and that’s ok!  Parents can come into the room if they really need to in the beginning (remember tip #1 – we want them to have fun!)
  6. Give your dancer something new to wear (a new outfit, hair bow, lip gloss, etc).  That something extra can give them ‘brave powers’ or some fun extra enthusiasm!
  7. We teachers have been counting down the days until we get to dance with your children..we are overly excited and motivated and will do whatever we can to make your dance experience everything you’ve hoped for!!!
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