Traditional Classes


Ballet is the foundation of the art of dance, as dancers become more aware of body alignment, poise, posture, and coordination within a ballet class.  We offer ballet in a variety of different class combinations:

-One hour advanced class for students serious about ballet training- must be second grade older.

-Half an Hour (in a combination class with tap alone for our younger and beginner students – total class time is one hour)

-Half and Hour (in a combination class with tap and/or jazz for students first grade and older – total class time is either an hour or an hour and a half- for all three styles)

-One hour Pointe class offered to advanced dancers with at least three years of ballet training, be in sixth grade or older, and must go through audition. Our Pointe students perform at our winter recital in addition to the end term recital.


Tap classes concentrate on dexterity, coordination, speed, and rhythm.  Most tap classes are offered as a half an hour class.  Performance Tap classes are one hour in length and perform in our winter recital in addition to our end of the year show (see Specialty Classes).


Our jazz classes incorporate different techniques, stretches, and body work.  Jazz is offered to first graders and older and is offered in the following class combinations:

-One Hour Jazz

-Half and Hour (in a combination class with tap and/or ballet for students first grade and older – total class time is either an hour or an hour and a half- for all three styles)

-Hour Performance Jazz classes are one hour in length and perform in our winter recital in addition to our end of the year show (see Specialty Classes).

Hip Hop

Hip hop is an urban dance form incorporating breaking, popping, locking, among other styles.  Synchrony to the music, precision, and style are all important elements to hip hip.  Our hip hop classes are offered to dancers second grade and older and are one hour long.


Our one hour lyrical classes are for dancers that have had ballet experience.  Lyrical incoporates both ballet and jazz technique, and adds grace, poise,  flow within the movement, and express the lyrics in the music.  Lyrical classes are offered to third graders and older and are one hour long.



Contemporary dance combines the strong and controlled legwork of ballet with modern dance’s stress on the torso.  It also employs contract-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation, which are all characteristic of modern dance.


Specialty Classes

Performance Classes

Students having studied for more than 3 years in jazz and/or tap may audition for our jazz and tap performance classes.  Auditions are held in June for the following fall classes. Performance classes are advanced classes and require the dancer to be able to retain choreography in short periods of time. In addition, performance students are required to attend added rehearsals on some Saturdays. All performance students (and all pointe students) will dance in our “By Audition Only” winter recital, which provides these excellent performers additional stage experiences.

Competition Classes

Students can audition over the summer for our competition team.  We currently have senior-aged and junior-aged teams in jazz, lyrical, and tap.  We compete in 2 or 3 competitions throughout the year and have brought home several award winning trophies including several national championship awards.


Attire:  We ask that students come prepared to class in dance clothes (leotards, dance pants/capris/shorts, tights, leg warmers, tank-tops, skirts). Clothing that is oversized is not permitted because it is distracting and it does not allow the teacher to see proper body alignment. Hair must be tied back in all dance classes.

  • Ballet/Pointe: All 45-60 minute ballet pointe students must wear a leotard and tights, some students in some classes can wear a ballet skirt. Warm-ups are permitted.
  • Jazz/Hip Hop: Dancewear that is form-fitted (leotards, tights, pants, etc).
  • Lyrical:  Form fitted dancewear.  For specific information, please consult the teacher.
  • Tap: Dancewear that is form-fitted to include capris or shorts. NO pants are permitted in tap classes, so that the instructor can see the execution of the student’s steps.

Tuition is due during the first week of the month. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or Discover). We are able to set up an automatic withdrawal of your monthly payment through your credit card. Families that wish to do so will have their card charged the first of the month.  Discounts are available for tuition through referrals.

Birthday Parties

We are pleased to offer birthday parties at the Dance Den. The birthday party package includes: the birthday girl’s choice of dance style (ballet, tap, jazz [jazz is for ages 6 and older]), party games, and songs. We will supply the paper goods (plates, cups, napkins, utensils) and refreshments/snacks for the adults. The birthday family will need to bring goodie bags, cake, candles, and pizza. Pizza is optional, and while the family is responsible for paying for the pizza, we will order it and have it delivered. The Dance Den staff will also take care of the set up, service of food, and clean up during all parties.

Please click here to print our Birthday Party Reservation Form. (Word Document)