It’s REGISTRATION time for our 38th dancing year!  Our registration process will be done ONLINE THROUGH OUR PORTAL THIS YEAR!

For current students: Log into your parent portal, click the enroll tab, and then the 2017-2018 session.  You can then select and “enroll” your dancer in whatever classes he/she wishes to take.  Not sure yet?    You can always make changes later!  The registration fee of $35 has already been posted into your account (if you pay after June 7, the fee will increase).  There is a comments section for you to fill in any scheduling/friend requests.  Let us know if you have any questions!

For NEW students: On the left of our website is a link “NEW STUDENTS, REGISTER HERE.”  Click this link and fill the registration form and you will be able to select your classes as well.  There is a $35 registration fee, which will increase on June 8.  Questions?  Feel free to call/email us!

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